Groovy Keynote video from Grails Exchange’2007

Рубрика: Groovy | 19 November 2007, 18:04 | Vadim Voituk

“Groovy Keynote” presentation videos by Guillaume LaFourge, Groovy project manager, JSR-241 Spec Lead, G2One company co-founder, Grails project initiator, Groovy in Action co-author…., at Grails Exchange 2007 in London

Part 1 – About the author and speech agenda
Part 2 – Groovy timeline
Part 3 – Some figures, books overview …
Part 4 – Usage in mission critical application and about Oracle, IBM, Sun, JBoss, JetBrains contributions to Groovy
Part 5 – Sugar in Java land

… and Groovy presentation by Jeff Brown

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