Groovy presentation by Jeff Brown

Рубрика: Groovy | 15 November 2007, 15:25 | Vadim Voituk

This is Jeff Brown`s presentation video from the first Grails Exchange (London’2007)

Jeff, the core team developer of Grails project , tells about Groovy language by showing simple code examples.
I`m strongly recommend to download the presentation slides before viewing.

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  1. juriy

    Too bad that slides are rotated 90 degrees. Really hard to read from PDF. Does anybody know some way to rotate the PDF pages other that rotating monitor or head?

  2. Vadim Voituk

    Yuriy, you can rotate slides using “View -> Rotate View” menu in the Acrobat Reader 8.

  3. juriy

    Ehh, thanks :-)

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