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Рубрика: Разное | 2 August 2007, 11:20 | juriy

Yesterday I’ve attended another corporate training: stress management. Here’s brief description of my experience.

The system of skills in our company is rather interesting. So we have a set of skills and each skill has several levels. Skills are divided into two groups: social (or business) ant technical. When it comes to decide your improvement path you feel like a Fallout or Diablo character: the number of points is limited, and the list of possible choices is really great.

This year I’ve chosen to make a “level-up” in stress management and time management. Just to be a little less lazy and a little more tolerant.

The training took a whole day: from 10 am till 5 pm. First, I felt like a little skeptical about it. I thought I’ll just listen some boring stuff like ‘do not pay attention to the stress’, ‘feel yourself relaxed’ and on. But… i was mistaking. This was quite a fun! The overall schema looked like that:

First of all, trainer models a sample stress situation. It makes you feel uncomfortable, even if you know you should not (“Now, we will have an EXAM. Please take your tasks. *some steel in the voice* You have only seven minutes to get yourself prepared).

Then you complete the situation and discuss how you felt about it.

And finally – a discussion of nature of the situation and ways to overcome your stereotypes.

I don’t know if I’m much more tolerant now, but attending this course was at least useful. Just to get the idea that it’s not the circumstances that make you shake, but how you take it.

In case you’re interested, training was prepared by “Leader Group” trainer: Nataliya Solovey.

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  1. vadim

    How much of stress situations you have during 5 hours? Only one?

  2. juriy

    No, of course no.

    This example just shows the principle. There was others. Once again, I could easily describe them all here but there’s no sense to do it. You have to participate in such games, to get the real feeling of what was going on.

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